Tony Nistler Trucking company headquartered in McGregor, Minnesota proudly serving both large and small organizations. Our North Central location gives us the opportunity to provide superior customer service and loyalty to our Northern Minnesota clients. We offer competitive pricing, safe and professional drivers, high standards of performance, and flexible, personalized service.

We hope you will contact us with your trucking needs. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Tony Nistler Trucking strives to be the best in the industry!

The Tony Nistler Trucking staff is well-trained and knowledgeable. We work closely with our customers in order processing, inventory control, and reporting. Our personalized system allows us to offer our customers quick, accurate information with a minimum of paperwork.

A Brief History
Tony Nistler Trucking company was established in McGregor, Minnesota in August of 1989 by Mr. Tony Nistler as President and Owner. Tony began by hauling local cartage in the McGregor area. Tony and his wife Pam began to acquire additional trucks and began hiring drivers to satisfy the fast growing need for fast efficient service in the area. Today Tony Nistler Trucking maintains a large fleet of various units along with experienced long term professional drivers.

Customer Service
In addition to inbound dispatching, outbound dispatching and driver coordination Tony drives routes himself to assure on-time deliveries and pickups. Tony is constantly monitoring daily shipments whether he is on the road or in his office. Tony Nistler Trucking provides a very personal and owner friendly customer service.

Loss and Damage Procedures
We use standard loss forms as were prescribed by the I.C.C.

Monitoring Performance and Continuous Improvement
We would be glad to meet as needed and provide the reports and feedback necessary.

Other Information
We are a flexible organization and can adjust to the changing needs of our customers.

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